Combined Fluctuation FeaturesFor Kid’s Song ClassificationBased on Mood Parameters

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Music is closely related to human psychology. A piece of music often associated with certain adjectives
such as happy, sad, romantic, and many more. The linkage between the music with a certain mood has
been widely used in various occasions by people and music classification based on relevance to a particular
emotion is important. This research concerns in music classification system based on mood parameters
with combined fluctuation features. The mood parameters used is based on Robert Thayer's energy-stress
model which are exuberance / happy, contentment / relax, anxious and depression. All feature sets are
based on fluctuation of modulation amplitudes in psychoacoustically transformed spectrum data, namely
the combination of rhythm patterns, rhythm histograms and statistical spectrum descriptors of the music.
The system is tested using a set of song with various genre and the classification results are compared with
the mood obtained by child psychology experts. Clustering and classification method obtained by Self
Organizing Map method.

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