• Purba Daru Kusuma


Mafia Pajak Game is one of the games in the game collection web site, This is a
game with the economic and law background. Mafia pajak are parties who participate in activities that
cause tax payment reduction so the payment is less than it should be. In this game, players act as members
of anti-mafia task force. The task is to identify person or institution that reduces tax illegally. The primary
purpose of this research is to produce a database design that can facilitate the game scenario of Mafia
Pajak. The secondary purpose of this research is to analize the growth of data volume of Mafia Pajak
database. Testing is conducted by collecting Mafia Pajak database size data on August 21, 2010. The
collected data are number of records and data size which is measured in kilobytes. The analysis will be
done to calculate data size needed by one player. The data is very useful for determining the volume of
data which is required to facilitate a certain number of players. Through this research, Size of data needed
by one player is four kilobytes.

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