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The Traffic Engineering feature on MPLS can move a traffic link that has congestion avoidance,
therefore a link can be moved to an empty link. The MPLS VPN TE technology is the solution in
increasing security and choosing the best route in a network. Integrated service is one of a QoS model for
bandwidth controlling problem on a network that is needed for MPLS VPN-TE technology for stability of
network. Open IMS Core is a multimedia service server that is used on MPLS VPN TE technology by
considering Quality Of Service on multimedia. The usage of BGP protocol is a type of routing that is
expected to do an exchange of routing information by mapping an IP table network inter-Autonomous
System by giving Qos enhancement on a network In this research, the author implements MPLS VPN TE
on Mikrotik Router. The test result of Traffic Engineering feature on MPLS VPN network show improved
27,44 % in delay for Voip services, 11,14% for video call services. For Throughput parameter showed a
improved 6,02% for Voip service, 56,6 for video call services. For jitter parameters result < 1ms.


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