Human Resources Management in Family Businesses – Case of North Macedonia

  • Selajdin Abduli South East European University
  • Avni Arifi South East European University


This paper analyses one of the most important aspects of any organization, and that is how to manage human resources in a specific type of business, i.e., family businesses in North Macedonia. The reason for focusing on this topic is twofold. First, family businesses make up the majority of businesses in North Macedonia, and secondly, the HRM in these businesses is very specific and complex. The research was done through the questionnaire (distributed electronically and physically) by surveying family businesses in North Macedonia, in total 150 questionnaires were distributed and 141 were received. The questionnaire included 15 questions which included some general information about the family business profile, to continue with the part that deals with aspects of human resource management. The results obtained from the research provide an overview of how important human resources are considered for family businesses in North Macedonia and how managing them adequately affects the performance of businesses and employees.

Keywords— Human Resource Management, family businesses.


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