Journal of Computer Engineering: Progress, Application, and Technology aims to publish original research results on the implementation of the Computer Engineering technology.


Journal of Computer Engineering: Progress, Application, and Technology covers a broad range of research topics in Computer Engineering. The topics include, but are not limited to Computer Engineering, Computer System, Computer Application, Computer Technology, Multimedia Application, Mobile Computing & Applications, Internet of Things, UI/UX,  Information Systems and Technologies, E-Learning & Distance Learning, Infrastructure Systems and Services, E-Government, E-Business & E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded System, Network & Data Communication, Databases, Big Data, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Computer Network, Computer Architecture, Computer Security, Soft Computing and Intelligent System, Computer Apps in Electrical/Telecommunication Engineering, Data Science & Analysis, Applied Science, Data Processing in Remote Sensing Technology, Ionospheric Monitoring Data, Computer and Information Engineering.

Section Policies

Section policies for articles are:

  • Open Submissions
  • Indexed
  • Peer-Reviewed

Peer Review Process

The review process is done by evaluating and validating a scholarly work by one or more people of similar competence to the work. Manuscript submitted must be original without any plagiarism and inappropriate data manipulation. The Chief Editor will assign appropriate Section Editor (SE) based on his/her competencies. The manuscript will be screened by Section Editor (SE) to ensure basic science criteria. Further, SE will assign at least two reviewers to review the manuscript. This journal follows blind peer review, which means reviewers are anonymous to the author, but not otherwise. The SE will notify the author whether the manuscript is accepted, rejected, or revision required, based on the result of the review process. Should the manuscript require revisions, the reviewers’ comments must be correctly and completely addressed before resubmitting. For validating the revisions, the revised manuscript will be sent back to the reviewers. Unless the reviewers have satisfied with the revisions, the manuscript will be accepted for publication.

Publication Frequency

Journal of Computer Engineering: Progress, Application, and Technology is published quarterly a year in February, May, August and November.

Open Access Policy

All article accepted for publication will be available online in PDF form and freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.