Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics for Author:
1. Author(s) must follow LISKI’s writing-journal guidelines.
2. The paper(s) must be original and offer novelty as well as data validation.
3. Author(s) must pay attention to correct grammatical-writing technique, and for checking any indication of plagiarism by using CHECK PLAGIARISM application.

Publication Ethics for Editor:
1. Editing selected papers.
2. Ensuring that the selected papers are in compliance with LISKI’s writing-journal guidelines.
3. Distributing the selected papers to the Board of Reviewers.
4. Recapitulating the Board of Reviewers’ feedbacks.
5. Assisting in determining if the selected papers are being accepted/received with improvements/rejected.
6. Making sure that the selected papers are in compliance with the Board of Reviewers’ feedbacks.
7. Determining when the journal is ready to be published, and
8. Helping with paper-mechanism management and administration procedures.

Publication Ethics for Reviewer:

1. Accepting selected papers chosen by the Team of Editors.
2. Evaluating the selected papers objectively.
3. Encouraging the authors to meet the standardized requirements of scientific journals.
4. Determining the papers into categories of: accepted/received with improvements/rejected.
5. Submitting the evaluation results to the Team of Editors.

Publication Policy of Plagiarism by iThenticate