Ethics and Malpractice

  1. Author provides a letter of statement stating that the article submitted is an original script from opus or research result that has never been submitted in any journal or other publishing whether online or printed, that the script does not contain any indication of plagiarism, and include references, quotations, and citation correctly in accordance with the rules of scientific paper.
  2. Author is oblige to follow the provided writing instruction. The writing instruction can be downloaded in Idealog website for every submitted script. The writing instruction covers method of content presentation and writing standards.
  3. Every script received will go through two review steps. First review by editorial board member to check indication of plagiarism through iThenticate. Second review is bind peer review to check content quality by external reviewer in accordance with the competence and content of script. Any script having plagiarism indication or possesing content similarity over 30% will be returned to author for revision, while script possessing plagiarism indication over 50% will be returned and unpublished (rejected).