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The design world is dynamic with creativity and innovation that has been a reference in the process of making art work, and the changes that occurs in the environment of practitioners and academics. The scope of  product, interior design & architecture focused on processing  space and product, which not only limited to the art work, but in conveying IDEA and the formulation of scientific articles that led to the delivery of information in the form of DIALOGUE. Idealog is the merger of the word Idea and Dialogue, as defined above. Thus, this journal is expected as a form of dissemination of ideas and dialogue from the fields of product, interior design & architecture that can give qualified research, and can be beneficial for the  field of design.

Journal IDEALOG is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study and applications of product design, interior design and architecture in theory and practice. We accept national and international original research articles that have never been published or submitted to other scientific publications. Submitting articles is free of charge. The manuscript will be reviewed by independent advisory board according to their field of expert.
IDEALOG is published 2 issues per year, in April and December by the Institute for Research and Community Services, Telkom University, and is available online.

Print ISSN 2477-0566 [pISSN Portal] Online ISSN 2615-6776 [eISSN Portal]. The journal registered in the CrossRef system with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) prefix 10.25124. Articles can be accepted in 2 languages [Indonesian and English].
Journal Name  :   IDEALOG : Ide & Dialog Desain
Journal Abbr.  : idealog
ISSN  : 2477-0566(p) , 2615-6776(e)
DOI  : 10.25124/idealog
Pub. Frequency  : Two times in a year (April & December)
Accreditation  : Sinta 3 Based on SK 21/E/KPT/2021
Publisher  : Telkom University
The journal serving as a forum for the study of Indonesian product design, interior design and architecture, supports focused studies of particular themes and interdisciplinary studies in relation to the subject. It has become a medium of exchange of ideas and research findings from various traditions of learning that have interacted in the scholarly manner.
Editor invite all relevant parties to contribute in publishing sciencetific articles which have never been published before. For articles (paper) online submission just simply visit the link HERE and for further information you can contact us at