About the Journal

The School of Communication and Business at Telkom University publishes the academic journal Journal of Communication, Business, and Social Science (JCOBS). The Journal of Communication, Business, and Social Science (JCOBS) is a scholarly publication devoted to the development and maintenance of information technology-based international education standards. By providing a forum for research and scholarly contributions, JCOBS not only disseminates but also develops internationally renowned fields of communication and business science. In addition, the journal employs knowledge in the field of information technology to promote the progress and prosperity of the nation's culture through the cultivation of entrepreneurial skills. JCOBS plays an integral role in influencing the future of sustainable education and research and has a positive impact on the global development of society through its dedication to progress and innovation.

Focus and Scope

In the field of communication, JCOBS explores media trends, organizational communication, and the role of communication technology. In business, the journal covers business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship by considering the impact of technology on business strategies and operations. Meanwhile, in social science, JCOBS investigates sociology, social psychology, and social well-being by paying attention to the social dynamics influenced by technological developments. Thus, it aims to summarize the latest innovation and information technology-based developments in these three fields, supporting a deep understanding of complex interactions in the digital age. Articles will be published on a number of specific themes from time to time, including comprehensive information that is pertinent to the community as a whole.

Peer Review Policy

Every published journal relies on the arduous work of an auditor, who checks and repairs each article before it is published. We work to establish and maintain the integrity of peer review by ensuring that the reviewer have the resources necessary to complete your peer review task efficiently and effectively. This peer review guide will give you an overview of what to expect as a reviewer for this journal, as the review process varies by journal.

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Best Practice Guidelines. We are dedicated to keeping ethical standards in place at all stages of the publication process. Ethical Peer Review.

Open Access Policy

Because of the belief that making research available to the public facilitates increased international knowledge exchange, all publications published are openly accessible. It denotes:

  1. The complete text of every paper published is freely accessible to all readers.
  2. Readers can reuse published articles if adequate citations are made to the original.

Article Processing Charge

This journal is free of charge article processing charges (APCs), submission fees, publication fees, or page fees.