Aims and Scopes:
JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE (JAF) is a double-blind review national scholarly journal devoted to publishing high-quality papers using a multidisciplinary approach with a strong emphasis on accounting, business, economics, and finance. This is a semiannual journal published in April and September and all submitted articles can be in Indonesian or English. Our unique focus is on the impact of the changing world on society in Indonesia based on our specific research area. JAF follows a double-blind peer-review process, where the author does not know the reviewer and vice versa. The journal intends to serve as an outlet with strong theoretical and empirical research and papers submitted to JAF should not be published or are being considered for publication elsewhere.

Types of Article:
Complete Paper

Quality Control Mechanism:
The journal practices a double-blind peer review process.

Publication Frequency:
One volume of two issues (published in April, and September) per year

Article Subscription Fee:
Free open access