Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

1. The editor receives articles in softcopy in Microsoft Word (doc/docx) format, submitted via demandia Open Journal System.

2. To maintain the authenticity of the manuscripts, the author(s) is obliged to send a letter stating that, the article was written by the author and plagiarism-free. The article content has never been published in any print media or online services to the editoral's email address:

3. A scan similarity process will be conducted to the articles received using Ithenticate software, It is expected that the results show less than 20%, unless the articles will be returned to the author(s) for revision. 

4. Author(s) is required to follow demandia journal guidelines. All the articles will be reviewed by demandia Mitra Bestari. The editor is entitled to change some parts of contents (without changing the meaning).

5. Article can be written down in proper Indonesian language or English. The article content covers the field of visual communication design, advertising, and design management.

6. Article is written on even pages but not exceeding 20 (twenty) pages; including abstract, content, all tables and images, and references. The script is typed with Microsoft Word program, A4 paper size, Calibri with 12 point font, justify text, 1.5 space with 4 cm below and top margin, and 3 cm outside margin. 

7. Abstract consists of 150- 200 words written in one paragraph with Calibri font 11 pt in single space, and one column format. Abstract in English version is typed in italic. It should clearly and concisely contains background and research question, purposes, research method, research findings in general and the benefits. Key words should reflect the content of academic writing, the numbers are 3 to 5 words and separated with comma. 

8.Article is written in essay format; organized in several parts started with Introduction, Research Methods, Findings and Discussion, Conclusion and References. The template can be downloaded on

9. Reference is written alphabetically in Harvard system ( The article is urged to cite the reference published in the last ten years. 


1. First, author must register as a author in "Register" or HERE
2. After the registration step is complete, login as an author, click on "New Submission". The article submission stage consists : (1). Start, (2). Upload Submission, (3). Enter Metadata, (4). Upload Additional Files, (5). Confirmation.
3. In the "Start" column, select Journal Section (Full Article), check all checklists.
4. In the "Upload submission" Column, upload the manuscript file in MS Word format in this column.
5. In the "Enter Metadata" column, fill in with all author and affiliation data, Journal Titles, Abstracts, and Indexing Keywords.
6. In the "Upload Additional Files" column, the author is allowed to upload additional files, statement letters, and others.
7. In the "Confirmation" column, if the data you entered is correct, click "Finish Submission".
If you find difficulties in the delivery process through the online system, please contact the editorial team. 

Editorial team :